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No product sold here or anywhere can promise you ageless beauty, our aim is merely to help you return the balance of healthy skin with a product that is 100% from natural ingredients. Nothing else.


Beauty is not a veneer upon things; it is not skin deep; it is not something added to make an ugly thing acceptable. It belongs to the nature of the thing made
— unknown

Ojas en sanskrit means "vigor". In ayurveda, it's explained how it is the source of immunity and strength that stems not only from what we eat but also from our thoughts and our consciousness. It's that "inner fire" that gives skin it's radiance and brightness.

Pita, for sensitive dry skin. Vata, for normal skin and kapha for oily skin

Pita, for sensitive dry skin. Vata, for normal skin and kapha for oily skin


Everything starts with the best ingredients. Wholesome powder from oats, lentils, neem, fennel seeds, rose petals... it follows a basic principle: don't put anything on your skin you wouldn't eat. With that in mind I've created 3 different face wash powders for your particular type of skin:

Is the most gentil of the 3, for very sensitive skin.
Fennel contains a variety of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals. roses help clean blemishes and prevents wrinkles, neem is a natural astringent and anti inflammatory.


This is a mix of nurturing goats milk, with neem and fennel seeds. Lentils are an amazing vata pacifier as well as a gentle exfoliant.


This blend has all the amazing elements of the previous two, plus lemon powder, to reduce the excess of oil typical of kapha skin.